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Car Rental Koh Samui

car rental in samui – KOH SAMUI IS A GREAT PLACE TO RENT A CAR, car rental in koh samui is recommended because IT IS VERY EASY TO TO NAVIGATE THE ISLAND AND THERE ARE MANY GREAT PLACES TO SEE AND AMAZING VIEW POINTS AROUND THE ISLAND, Check out our car rentals in samui to start your perfect trip around the beautiful island

Toyota Yaris Ativ 2024

Car Rentals Samui

Model: Toyota Yaris Ativ 

Year: 2024

Cubic Centimeter (cc): 1200cc

Transmission: Automatic

The New Toyota Yaris Ativ 2024 is a specious car that offers luxury and comfort at the same time and perfect for a car rental in Samui.

All the latest updates a smart car can offer, truly a perfect cars for families, couples and you people who want to explore the beautiful island of Koh Samui and want to rent a car in Samui.

Car Rentals Samui

Model: Mazda 2 

Year: 2023

Cubic Centimeter (cc): 1300cc

Transmission: Automatic

Mazda 2 is a great car to rent if you plan to have a nice drive around the beautiful island of samui,

this is the latest of the technolgy car from mazda, it will provide you with all the luxury and performance you will need

because it is perfect for single people, groups, friends, couples and families.

Car Rentals Samui

Model: Honda City 

Year: 2013

Cubic Centimeter (cc): 1500cc

Transmission: Automatic

a great car rental in samui which is so suited for an island like Samui because of its size and style which is suitable for the island roads. 

Probably the most effective car for rental and certainly will make your vacation rather enjoyable while not spending to much money,

In conclusion it is perfect for singles, groups, friends, couples and families.


Samui is a great place to rent a car or a bike, the roads are easy and the drivers are aware of all the bike riders around them, so the answer is yes! you should.

if you looking for locations to visit after renting a car or a scooter in Samui we would recommend to us the maps application which are a great help to navigate around the small island of Koh Samui and also our staff will be more then happy to give you some pointer where are the best location to visit in the island. 

for an article of locations for great view points in Samui Click Here

well depends for who, for family’s the answer is definitely yes and for unexperienced drivers its also a great solution, to explore the island by yourself on your own terms is a great feeling of freed and fun and you should try it.

so the short answer for this question is YES, the Thai government demands all drivers to have a valid international license, in some places around Thailand they don’t uphold it to much but we do recommend coming with a valid international license and carrying it with you at all time to avoid fines & taxes or getting in trouble with the police.

Other then Cars Rentals in samui and Motorbike and scooter rentals we have our awesome tour agency, You can find with us the best prices for hotels guarantee, flight with cheap prices and trip and tours around Koh Samui island you are also welcome to visit our tour agency “Samui Isra Tours Thailand“.
Our Staff in the office will support you all the way from the start of the rental to the end and will provide you any support needed for a safe trip, you may ask the any question and feel free to contact during our opening times.